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Elsa and Anna + mood boards (insp)
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[made for reluctant-queen]

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Your power will only grow. There’s beauty in it, but also great d a n g e r.
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Hello guys! I have re-added the original owner of this blog. I will still be running this blog though!


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laneshandall, if you are here, please read this. I’m sorry about everything. Just please.. I hope you’re okay and alive. You are worth it and you deserve everything good and happy in your life. I’m hanging onto that last piece of hope, hoping you’d say something or show up or change your skype…

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Notice how in this shot, before they hug again, Elsa reaches out first, with her arms extended and slowly approaching Anna.

Keep in mind how Elsa avoided being touched for many years, especially from Anna, whom she loved dearly. She did all of that just to protect Anna.

When Anna thawed from…

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Biggest Reasons why I Love Frozen

When I saw Brave in 2012, I enjoyed it because I liked that they didn’t make it another Disney Princess fairy tale where the heroine, princess or not, searches for someone to love. It was a very unique and different fairy tale, especially since it was the…